Drivel Blog Editor


Drivel is a GNOME client for working with online journals, also known as weblogs or simply "blogs". It retains a simple and elegant design while providing many powerful features, including:

  • Support for LiveJournal, Blogger, MovableType, Advogato, and Atom journals (systems based off these are also supported, including WordPress and Drupal)
  • The ability to post, edit, delete, and view recent entries
  • Integrated spellchecking and HTML syntax highlighting
  • Offline composition and editing
  • Automatic recovery in the event of a crash
  • Journal system extensions, including LiveJournal security groups and MovableType categories


2009-10-02 – New major version release

A new version of Drivel (3.0.0) is finally available! This release is a major overhaul of the codebase of drivel, dropping all deprecated libraries, updating for current Gtk requirements and moving to libsoup2.4. For the first time, the Drivel Manual has also been translated.

2009-04-17 – New Stable Release

A new build of Drivel (2.0.4) is available. This release is a quick update of the build system and a few bug fix patches.

2006-08-06 – Stable Release

A new build of Drivel (2.0.3) is available. This release adapts Drivel to some changes to the LiveJournal and Atom systems, restoring compatibility with LiveJournal, Blogger, and similar sites.

2005-06-18 –

A mailing list for Drivel development and general discussion is now available. Head over to to subscribe or browse the archives.

2005-06-08 – Drivel 2.0!

Drivel 2.0 is finally available! I think the updated About section above nicely sums up the new features present in this significant release :)


The recommended method for installing Drivel is to use packages provided by your GNU/Linux distribution, i.e. apt-get install drivel or yum install drivel. If current packages are not provided by your distribution, source code is available. Building Drivel from source requires the following libraries and utilities: (using the Debian package names)

  • intltool - translation support.
  • gnome-doc-utils - builds the Drivel Manual with translations.
  • rarian-compat or scrollkeeper - documentation support.
  • libdbus-glib-1-dev from the dbus-glib source. Used to communicate with music players (optional).
  • libgconf2-dev from the gconf source.
  • libglib2.0-dev from the glib2.0 source.
  • libgtk2.0-0 (>= 2.16.5)
  • libgnomevfs2-dev (>= 2.6.0) - due to be dropped in subsequent releases in the drivel 3.x series.
  • libgtksourceview2.0-dev from the gtksourceview2 source.
  • libgtkspell-dev Spell checking support in the drivel editor (optional).
  • libsoup2.4-dev - communication using XMLRPC.
  • libxml2-dev - Reading and writing drivel draft posts.

Drivel 3.0.0 – Latest Release


Previous releases can be found at


The login window
login window
Simplified journal entry
simplified entry
Instant-apply preferences
Advanced journal entry
advanced entry
Updating existing journal entries
update entry


Questions about using Drivel should be directed to the Drivel mailing list. There is a searchable archive of old posts as well. If you’ve noticed a problem with Drivel, please report it to our bug tracking system on


There is a mailing list for discussing Drivel’s development. Interested developers can subscribe at General questions about Drivel are also appropriate for the mailing list.